Spine Procedures

We’ve got your back. When it comes to both minimally invasive and complex spine surgery procedures, you can trust the team at Wellstar to take great care of you.

The neurosurgeons at Wellstar North Fulton Hospital specialize in a variety of spine surgeries for back pain that has not responded to other types of pain management treatments including:

  • Minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Complex spine surgery
  • Revisional spine surgery
  • Deformity surgery
  • Motion preservation surgery
  • Neuro modulation surgery

Our minimally invasive procedures often allow patients to go home the same day as the procedure.

If you have back pain that has not responded to other forms of pain management treatments and have a physician referral for a spine surgeon, contact Wellstar Medical Group Neurosurgery at 770-644-9600 to schedule an appointment.

If you don’t have a physician referral and need one, please call the North Fulton Pain & Spine Center at 770-751-2719 to schedule an appointment. We will evaluate your pain and provide a referral if appropriate.