Do You Need Pain Management?

Living without pain is not just an idea — it’s becoming a reality for thousands of people in North Georgia through treatment here at the Wellstar North Fulton Hospital Spine & Pain Center. If you or somebody you know suffers from pain, we want to help you regain your lifestyle and reduce or eliminate your pain.

Our initial goal is to determine what is causing the pain. You may not know where the pain is coming from. You could have pain in your hands or arms that could be coming from your neck. You could have pain in your feet or sciatic nerve that may be coming from a compressed nerve in your lower back. When you make an appointment, you will be carefully evaluated and we will examine you, order any appropriate imaging and develop a treatment plan that may include medications, physical therapy, nutrition, minimally invasive procedures or surgery.

There are many ways to manage pain, from therapy, to minimally invasive procedures, to surgery. Call (770) 751-2719 or click here and request a consultation to review YOUR options.