How We Manage Pain

There are a number of treatment alternatives the Wellstar North Fulton Hospital Spine & Pain Center can offer to reduce or eliminate your pain. The treatment we find for you will depend on your individual situation. We feel our best approach is to educate you about all potential possibilities so that you can make an informed decision customized to you. Choices may include injections and medication management, physical therapy and rehabilitation, minimally invasive procedures, or innovative surgical procedures.

Injections and Medication Management

While medications, epidural and steroid injections may provide quick relief, our goal is to help you manage your pain in a way that will maintain your overall quality of life. In addition to possible medication recommendations, we emphasize nutrition, exercise and physical therapies as crucial parts of the pain management process — helping your body heal wholly.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

At the Wellstar North Fulton Hospital Spine & Pain Center we have two procedure rooms which allow us to perform minimally invasive procedures on-site, without having to utilize a hospital operating room. This saves a lot of time for our patients, as they are often able to be seen, treated and returned home within the same day.

Some of the pain relieving procedures we provide in our procedure rooms include steroid injections, kyphoplasty, radiofrequency ablation, a multitude of nerve blocks, and spinal cord stimulators.

We’ve recently begun offering a new minimally invasive treatment for tendon injuries (such as tennis elbow) called TENEX HEALTH TX. Click here to learn more.

Surgical Procedures

If it is clear that surgery is going to be the most effective means of relieving your pain, the spine surgeons affiliated with Wellstar North Fulton Hospital are board certified orthopedic surgeons or neurosurgeons with convenient office locations near the hospital campus in Roswell or at a satellite office in Cumming, Georgia. Innovative surgical techniques such as iOFlex, or a variety of fusions and nerve decompression surgeries can be performed to take pressure off your nerves.

The most important thing to know regarding the options available to manage your pain is this:
Talk with our medical professionals about choosing the treatment that is right for YOU. Click here or call (770) 751-2719 to set an appointment with one of our pain specialists.